Gazin 2005 + 105% | Screaming Eagle 2010 + 28.4% | Lafleur 1999 + 30% | Laville Haut Brion 2003 + 44% | Pavillon Rouge 2008 + 17.5% | Dominus 1997 + 24.5% | Dominus 1998 + 24.5% | Angelus 2012 + 25% | Lafleur 2006 + 20% | Fleur Petrus 2008 + 20% | Beychevelle 2010 + 96% | Clinet 1998 + 25% | Latour 1988 + 17.5% | Cheval Blanc 2000 + 17.5% | Angelus 2005 + 20.83% |

Frequently Asked Questions


Where Is The Wine Stored ?

When using Aston Lovell's Fine Wine Platform clients will have their stock stored at Liv-ex's storage facility Vine Storage.

This service allows our investors to buy and sell their holding without any delays transporting stock from other warehouses.

Its innovative website provides access to stock records, movement details and photos, enabling customers to efficiently track orders online. Vine is also the only logistics provider that is fully integrated with Liv-ex, making trading on the exchange convenient and efficient.
Vine operates from two temperature controlled warehouses in the heart of the international fine wine trade: in the UK at Tilbury Docks, Essex (20 minutes from London) and in Bordeaux, France

How do I know the wine is what I have paid for?

All wine is inspected before purchase. It is checked for fill levels, labels and condition of the original wooden case. Only wine that passes all the tests is purchased.

How well is it insured?

The insurance on your wine, under a policy issued by AON underwriters, covers the asset for full replacement and against all risks to the value at the time of any incident.

How much does the storage and insurance cost?

Storage and insurance cost approximately £12 per case per annum, +VAT.

Does wine ever go down in value?

Yes: Like any investment the value of fine wine can go down as well as up.

What if your company goes bust?

Your money is not invested with Aston Lovell but in the wine itself so your investment is perfectly secure.

Is it really completely tax free?

Storing your wine in bond means there is not VAT or import duty to pay. If trading wine you will be liable for Capital Gains Tax. Inheritance Tax will be charged on the value of the cellar and not the purchase price of the wine. Please speak to your tax adviser before making any investment decisions.

What is the minimum investment?

You may start Your Fine Wine Platform with as little as £250.

How long do I have to hold onto the wine to make a decent profit?

With the Aston Lovell Fine Wine Platform you may hold your wine for as long or short a period as you wish. Traditionally fine wine is a medium to long term market, but because you are buying and selling wine on the London International Vintners exchange, with live prices, you can uniquely take advantage of any short-term gains by simply pressing the SELL button.

What happens when I want to sell my wine?

You press the SELL button and your wine is sold instantly.


How long has your company been operating ?

Aston Lovell Ltd was incorporated in May 2006.