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Our Clients Have Their Say

Below is a selection of comments from some of our clients.

All testimonials on this page are reproduced exactly as they were written by the clients. All the testimonials featured below are genuine, and we have obtained each featured client's written permission to publish their comments on our website. First names and addresses have been excluded to protect client identity.

"I think your service is first class, I particularly like the frequent updates on the value of the wines I hold. The last wine broker I dealt with sent valuations only twice a year. I'm sure that we will have a long and mutually profitable relationship."

Mr J. Hurst

"I have used Aston Lovell for the last two years, their service is excellent and it's always a pleasure to talk with Bruce Aston. With regular emails keeping me up to date with market performance and latest offers I always know how my investment is performing. I also use the online portfolio to track my investments which I have access to 24/7. With no hesitation I would recommend Aston Lovell as a fine wine broker, I look forward to building my portfolio in the near future."

Mr. A. Kardoun

"I am absolutely delighted with the service I am receiving from Aston Lovell and hope to remain one of their clients for many years to come!"

Miss. J. Doherty

"With the introduction of the new online portfolio, combined with your excellent email updates on the market, I’m extremely satisfied with my decision to use Aston Lovell as my wine broker and I hope to make another purchase in the coming months. "

Mr G. Cox

"I am very happy with the service I am receiving and the information I am getting in the emails."

Brigadier A. Gurdon

"I would like to thank you for introducing me to the world of wine investment. Despite a rocky year, my wine purchase is looking to be a savvy investment which has long term growth potential. Something that you cannot say for the majority of other investment opportunities available to investors at this current time."

Mr G. Beardsley

"I am very happy with the performance of my investment and had it not been for your honest advice I may never have taken steps to invest in wine. I particularly appreciate the continued updates of price increases which at times are almost daily! I would not hesitate recommending your company and have suggested to friends they consider wine investment."

Mr R. Clark

"Overall your service that I have seen so far is excellent."

Mr N. Ison

"I have dealt with three other fine wine brokers over the years and Aston Lovell have a unique pricing system and a refreshing way of dealing with clients. They are far better at communicating than the others. A first class go ahead company"

Colonel. I. Nason

""I have always been extremely impressed by their courtesy, integrity and professionalism. I have recommended them to my friends and associates and will continue to do so in the future.""

Mr M. Massingberd

"Extremely happy with the service and advice."

Mr M. Cook

"So far I have no complaints - the investment is increasing and I thank you for keeping me updated and especially for contacting me in the first instance. Hope we have a long and fruitful relationship."

Mrs. B. Hincks

"Really appreciate the updates - Great service."

Mr. C. Morrison MBA

"I am very happy with the service Aston Lovell gives, and it is a vast improvement that I can go online to check on the prices on your website."

Mr. A. Charteris

"It is always a pleasure to speak to Bruce Aston, be it to offer me new investment opportunities, or to inform me as to how well my current wine stock is performing."

Mr. J. Ford

""Many thanks to Aston Lovell. You've made investing in fine wine such a wonderful experience, with wonderful staff and a healthy profit.""

Mr. W. McIlroy