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Professional Associations


Since early 2012, Aston Lovell Ltd has been a contracted licensee of the London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex).

Having been full trading members of the exchange for the five years prior to then, this elevation in status meant that we could assist wine buyers and sellers in the fullest possible way to achieve their goals in our market.

The London International Vintners Exchange is now in all probability the premier marketplace for the trading of fine wine. It is an industry-only platform, which caters to merchants and professionals in the fine wine trade, and as such private buyers and sellers are unable to utilse the exchange independently.

To this end we designed and built a bespoke trading platform that allows the private buyer /seller to engage with the London International Vintners exchange. Once a client you can track in your portfolio area thousands of wines and buy and sell at a touch of a button. This is the first and only trading platform of its kind in the industry, and it brings a completely new level of transparency and ease of trade to the market.

To be approved as members of the London International Vintners Exchange, Aston Lovell passed a rigorous inspection process from a membership committee consisting of respected industry professionals. To become a contracted licensee demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offering our clients the most up-to-date methods of buying and selling fine wine.

To set up an account with us please call us on 020 8858 9990 or click here and submit your question to us.

"Aston Lovell shows what's possible by embracing transparency and connecting collectors to Liv-ex's various services."
James Miles, Managing Director of Liv-ex (the London International Vintners Exchange)