Gazin 2005 + 105% | Screaming Eagle 2010 + 28.4% | Lafleur 1999 + 30% | Laville Haut Brion 2003 + 44% | Pavillon Rouge 2008 + 17.5% | Dominus 1997 + 24.5% | Dominus 1998 + 24.5% | Angelus 2012 + 25% | Lafleur 2006 + 20% | Fleur Petrus 2008 + 20% | Beychevelle 2010 + 96% | Clinet 1998 + 25% | Latour 1988 + 17.5% | Cheval Blanc 2000 + 17.5% | Angelus 2005 + 20.83% |

What You Can Expect From Us

The Fine Wine Platform is the first and only platform in the market that enables private investors, collectors, restaurants and hotels to buy and sell fine wine real-time on the London International Vintners exchange (Liv-ex) – an industry only exchange. The benefits of this unique service are numerous.

To set up your fine wine account is free. Once registered, you may start purchasing fine wine with as little as £250 - and there is no ceiling on the amount you may invest, or the quantity of wine you may buy.

If an investor, and whether you choose an execution-only or discretionary service, we will execute the purchase(s) for you and add the wine(s) to your online portfolio, where you will see the live bid price displayed next to it.

We will of course advise you on the optimum time to sell, but you can initiate a sale at any time: Simply press the SELL button next to the relevant wine, and we will contact you immediately to confirm you wish to sell, and execute the sale for you.

And at all times you will have access to the fine wine platform in your client portfolio area where you may signal your interest in purchasing any of the best investment wines listed on Liv-ex at any time. Simply press the BUY button, we will be alerted to your request and contact you - and if you wish to buy we will execute the purchase for you.

If you are buying wine for consumption, it will be delivered to your door.

So, if you register for an account with us, what do you get?

Your Online Portfolio

A state of the art online portfolio that gives you live prices: You can keep track of your wines 24/7.

Trade History

What you've bought, what you've sold.

Risers & Fallers

What's going up, what's going down: Spot the impending trends before it's too late.

Watch List

Heard good things about a certain wine or vintage? Just add it to your watch list and follow its progress before you decide to buy or sell.

Performance Charts

You will be able to view the performance charts of every wine on the platform.

Last Month

Do you want to know exactly what happened in the fine wine market last month? Just hit the tab!


Up to the minute news from across the market

The Platform

Every live bid & offer, the last trade price for 7000 wines and the date of these trades, the Liv-ex market and the merchant market - will be at at your fingertips when you register for an account.

So why not do just that and register here - and find out exactly how easy and rewarding investing in wine can really be.

If you wish to purchase wine for consumption, just give us a call or email us.

We look forward to hearing from you.