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The Aston Lovell Fine Wine Platform - Some key benefits

You can buy your wine for less

When buying your wine using the Fine Wine Platform, you will be able to purchase for far less than you would be able to from a merchant or broker, as you will be paying industry prices (the price at which merchants buy their wine before adding their margin and selling it on to their customers.)

You can take advantage of short term gains

When the price is right you just hit the sell button. Your wine is matched with the buyer on the exchange and the job is done.

You can take advantage of real-time price movements

Buy or sell at a moment - and price - that suits you.

You do not have to pay for the standard wine-broker's mark-up

The majority of wine brokers will charge you merchant price plus at least a 15% mark-up (commission) when selling you wine. With the platform you are buying at trade value and this means that, with our fee included, you are saving on average at least 15% buying through the platform compared to buying through a standard wine investment broker - and you are also avoiding the merchant's margin, which can be as high as 30%.

Your exit route is immediate and guaranteed

It is a fact that on occasion selling wine through a merchant or broker can be a time consuming process - especially in a falling market. Using the Aston Lovell Fine Wine Platform, if you want out you can have out - instantly.

You do not have to buy and sell on a regular basis

You may buy wine to hold for as long as you wish, whether that be months or years. All wines are stored in bond and the service is a full advisory service meaning that now you can buy wine for a short, medium or long term hold at industry prices and sell instantly when you wish to.

There is no other platform like this in the market

By using the Aston Lovell Fine Wine platform you will be buying and selling on the only platform in the industry that private investors, collectors, hotels and restaurants can utilise to buy and sell wine on the London International Vintners Exchange - an industry only exchange - at industry prices.

Liv-ex is recognised as the benchmark exchange when buying and selling fine wine

It has no vested interest in pricing which means that you will be buying and selling at true market value as you would were you, for example, buying shares from the stock exchange. This means that you will not be relying on a merchant or broker to value your wine (or pay you what they feel it to be worth to them at that moment in time).

You will have access to thousands of wines

If you are a collector, a wine lover or are in the hospitality or catering trade, by opening an account with us you will have access to the thousands of wines being sold on the exchange which you will be able to buy at the touch of a button. With our fee included most wines can be purchased for less than a merchant will charge you, and we will naturally deliver the wines to your door wherever you are in the world.

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