“Aston Lovell shows what's possible by embracing transparency and connecting collectors to Liv-ex's various services.” James Miles, Managing Director of Liv-ex, The London International Vintners Exchange

When You Invest in Fine Wine With Aston Lovell

    • You'll have full access to the fine wine platform.
    • You’ll be able to buy top-grade investment quality wine for less.

    • You’ll have the option to take advantage of real-time price movements and short–term gains, or hold for the long term and track prices 24/7.

    • You’ll have an immediate exit route.

    • You’ll benefit from an online portfolio.

    • You’ll have a dedicated account manager who does not work on commission - and therefore you will never be "pressured" into making a purchase, only given sound advice which is strictly in your best interests.


What are the Benefits of Investing in Fine Wine?

• When you invest in fine wine you are (if certain criteria are met) investing in a tax free market. 

• Although fine wine does go down in value under certain conditions, historically fine wine as an asset class has always gained in value as time passes and stocks diminish.

• The market is extremely stable: Just one example of this stability is the fact that over the past three years prices for each and every Bordeaux vintage from 2003 to 2013 have made strong gains. The mean increase of these 11 vintages is 41%. 

• Investment grade claret is by law produced in severely restricted quantities, whereas the demand from traditional and emerging markets is growing year-on-year. A constantly diminishing supply coupled with a constantly growing worldwide demand ensures that prices, over time, rise.

• Fine wine as an investment class has never been outside the top three in the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index. For the 12 month period to quarter 1, 2018 it was 2nd (performance 9%), the five year figure was 58% and over 10 years 174%.

• Adding fine wine to your existing portfolio brings important diversification which is generally unconnected to stock-market linked products.

• Investing in fine wine is interesting!


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Our Fees

We sell the wine to you at the live market price, as displayed on your fine wine platform. At the end of the process we sell your wine for you at the live bid you choose to sell at, meaning the sale is immediate. There is no VAT to pay on our buying & selling fees, and there are no profit-sapping "management" fees.

Buy: 6%

Sell: 3%


About Us

When we began offering fine wines to investors in early 2006 we concentrated solely on the best clarets from Bordeaux, because historically the clarets in general - and the first growths in particular - have shown the strongest returns of all wines in the form of capital growth.

The last few years have seen the market broaden, and the best wines from other areas are making our clients extremely good returns. As a new client, however, we would recommend to you the claret that best suits your unique requirements and budget.


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About You

You can invest in wine from as little as a few hundred pounds, but to give yourself the best chance of making considerable returns we would recommend testing the market with between £3,000-£5,000.

At this level we would be able to recommend a very fine claret indeed, and our advice would always be that if you are looking at the market as a medium to long term investment, it is far better to buy one great case of wine rather than several merely good ones.


So What Next?

There are pretty sound reasons why fine wines  - especially the top clarets from Bordeaux - are as reliable as any investment and generally more lucrative than most: reasons to do with limited supply, status, history, insatiable worldwide demand and (let's be honest) good old fashioned snob-value.

If you are considering an investment in fine wine we have a lot to offer you. The first step is to register for an account with us. This is quick, simple and free. By doing so you will gain access to detailed market information, the fine wine platform and the interactive performance charts of in the region of 10,000 wines. 

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